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Our course teaches you practical lessons, in plain speak, how to setup and run your own successful import export agency business. Benefit from 35+ years of experience and know pitfalls so you won’t make the most common mistakes that lead to failure that cost you time, money and increased stress levels. The course is taught […]

  • 7/0 Student
  • 9 Nov, 2020

Our course teaches you how to import and export goods globally, the documentation you’ll be required to know and understand as well as the procedure you’ll have to follow. Our course gives you real-world practical knowledge, not the theory that you’ll never need to know or use. We streamline the knowledge you’ll need to move […]

  • 88/0 Student
  • 7 Nov, 2019

Our online Letter of Credit course is suitable for beginners and practitioners alike. Alan Bracken teaches you the fine details of Letters of Credit, how to raise one, documentation required and how to handle non-compliance. Taught with a series of pre-recorded videos, study in your own time, at your own pace, with no start or […]

  • 2/0 Student
  • 1 Nov, 2018


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